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Empowering Employees with a Comprehensive Self-Service Portal

In today's dynamic work environment, it's crucial for employees to have convenient access to their HR-related information and the ability to manage their tasks efficiently.

Stride HRMS TM addresses this need with its robust self-service portal, designed to empower employees and streamline HR processes.

Seamless Access to Personal Data

The self-service portal streamlines employee data management, offering a centralized hub for updating personal details like family information and educational qualifications. This ensures that employees can easily maintain accurate and up-to-date records, contributing to effective HR processes.

Track Your Attendance and Working Hours

Efficient attendance tracking is vital for both employees and employers. The self-service portal provides a transparent overview of punch-in/out times and total working hours. This data is crucial for precise payroll processing and evaluating employee performance, fostering accountability.

Revamp Your Profile with a New Picture

A professional online presence is key, and the self-service portal empowers employees to project a polished image. By enabling the upload and change of profile pictures, employees can maintain an updated and professional appearance in the organizational ecosystem

Apply for Leave and Manage Your Balance

Leave management is simplified through the self-service portal, offering a user-friendly interface for applying for leave, monitoring available days, and tracking request statuses. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and ensures employees are well-informed about their leave balances.

Stay Informed with Organizational Notices

The self-service portal serves as a central hub for important company updates and policy changes. Employees can easily access and stay informed about organizational notices, fostering transparent communication and alignment with corporate objectives.

View Payslips

The self-service portal ensures easy access to payslips, enabling employees to review earnings, deductions, and financial details conveniently. With a user-friendly interface, it enhances transparency, empowering individuals to stay informed about their financial transactions within the organization.

Chart Your Career Journey with the Time Line

The comprehensive timeline in the self-service portal enables employees to track their career progression within the organization. From promotions to transfers and other milestones, this feature provides a valuable visual representation of an employee's professional journey.

Access Subordinate and Manager Information

The self-service portal facilitates effective communication by providing employees with access to vital information about subordinates, reporting managers, team managers, and personal skills. This fosters collaboration and teamwork within the organization.

Enhance Security with Last Login Details and Password Change

Security is prioritized through the self-service portal, offering employees the ability to view last login details for identifying potential unauthorized access. Additionally, the ease of password change contributes to maintaining enhanced security measures.

Celebrate Milestones with Birthdays and Anniversaries

Fostering a positive work environment, the self-service portal displays birthdays and anniversaries, promoting a sense of community and recognition for employee milestones. This feature contributes to a positive organizational culture.

Streamlined Notification System for Timely Approvals and Rejections

The robust notification system in the self-service portal ensures timely communication about pending requests, enabling employees to promptly approve or reject items such as leave applications, loan requests, late attendance, and early departures.

Plan for Outings

The self-service portal facilitates efficient outing planning. The holiday calendar provides a visual of upcoming breaks, enabling strategic time-off scheduling. This promotes personal time management and a positive work-life balance, fostering a healthier, more productive workforce.