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Customized Workflow with STRIDE HRMS TM

Streamlining Your HR Processes Welcome to STRIDE HRMS TM, where innovation meets efficiency in human resource management. Our comprehensive HRMS software is designed to empower your organization with seamless workflows tailored to meet your unique needs. Among the myriad features that set STRIDE apart, our ability to provide customized workflows stands out as a game-changer for businesses aiming to optimize their HR processes.
Tailoring Your Workforce Strategy

Employee Management

STRIDE HRMS TM excels in employee management, allowing you to define and implement workflows that align perfectly with your organizational structure. From onboarding to performance evaluations, our customizable workflow ensures that every step in the employee lifecycle is finely tuned to your specific requirements. Track employee progress, manage roles and responsibilities, and foster a collaborative work environment with a workflow designed exclusively for your organization.

Precision in Attendance and Leave Management

Time Office Management

Our time office management module goes beyond the basics. With STRIDE, you can customize workflows for leave requests, late arrivals, calendar holidays, rotational shifts, fixed shifts and much more. The result? A finely tuned system that adapts to your company's unique time and attendance policies. Generate detailed attendance reports with ease, providing insights into employee punctuality, leave patterns, and overall workforce availability.

Your Policy, Your Way


Payroll should be as unique as your company. STRIDE HRMS TM allows you to customize payroll workflows to align with your specific company policies. From deductions to bonuses, taxes to reimbursements, our software adapts to your financial workflows seamlessly. Experience unparalleled flexibility in managing payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance without compromise.

Bringing Mobility to Punching

Geo-Location Enabled Mobile App

STRIDE takes HR mobility to the next level with a geo-location-enabled mobile app. Customize workflows to capture the real-time location of employees during punches, enhancing security and transparency. The live location feature adds an extra layer of accountability, allowing you to stay connected with your workforce, whether they're in the office or on the go.

Elevating Sales Management

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

For organizations with a sales force, our SFA module on the mobile app is a game-changer. Customize workflows for sales force management, enabling your team to operate more efficiently. From lead generation to closing deals, STRIDE SFA ensures your sales processes are streamlined and aligned with your business goals.

Effortless Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Module

STRIDE HRMS TM understands the importance of a smooth recruitment process. Customize workflows for recruiting that fit seamlessly into your hiring strategy. From posting job openings to conducting interviews, our recruitment module adapts to your unique requirements, helping you acquire top talent efficiently.


Tailor-Made Success with STRIDE HRMS TM

In the world of HRMS, one size does not fit all. STRIDE stands out by offering a software solution that adapts to your organization's unique DNA. Embrace the power of customized workflows and experience the efficiency, precision, and agility that STRIDE HRMS TM brings to your HR processes. Transform your HR management today with STRIDE.